Shat Kriyas

Sat Kriyas (Six Processes)

The six processes (sat kriyas)which purity the system are,

1) Kapalabhati- ( Stimulating the brain cells)

These kriyas washes out the carbon dioxide from the blood, activates the brain cells, cleans the passages and stimulates the abdominal organs.

Four types of “Neti” are in general practice, namely-
Jala Neti, Sutra Neti, Dugdha Neti and Ghrta Neti’
Neti, kriya is to be followed by a few rounds of kapalabhati, so as to keep the nasal passage clear. Neti, in general, parities most structures in the head and neck. Neti not only clears the nasal passages but also renders the nose resistant to many irritants like water, cotton, rubber, ghee, milk etc. Hence it is very helpful in removing allergic rhinitis and vision becomes more subtle.

There are 3 types of Dhouti kriyas. This are Jala Dhouti or vamana Dhouti , vastra Dhouti and Danda Dhouti. Dhouti kriyas is extremely useful for gas trouble, high acidity in stomach and for caring Asthama also.

A very fine kriyas for promoting the health of the abdominal viscera. The autonomic nerve centres and the endocrine glands in the abdomen are all activated. Due to the negative pressure created in the abdomen the circulation to the abdominal organs improves enormously, stimulates gastric fire , thus helping digestion.


5) Trataka (Fixing the Mind)

This cleansing process activates the tear glands, purifies the visual system, promotes good concentration and strengthens will-power. Generally it cures the eye defects, if done properly.

6) Sankhapraksalana Kriya: (Complete Bowel-wash)

This complete was of the bowel clears all the waste products in the bowel. Sanka-praksalana revitalizes all the glands in the intestinal tract. Helps in overcoming the Tamas (laziness) when performed under guidance, it is useful in treating chronic disorders of the large intestine.